Roar is a unique Sri Lankan content platform built for a vibrant, restless new generation, gearing up to take on new challenges. Established in 2014, Roar believes in disrupting the current media landscape in Sri Lanka. We report on a diverse range of subjects relevant to Sri Lankans, with content that is factual, unbiased, easily accessible, easy to read, shareable, and just as importantly, well written. We also put our users first, by providing a premium experience that is clean and uncluttered.

In keeping with our goal to innovate and not imitate, we aim to help our advertisers move past the traditional advertising model which is fast becoming irrelevant. To that end, we’ve pioneered an innovative new advertising model which results in high visibility for advertisers, as well as a clean, uncluttered reading experience for our audiences. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

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The Model

Our model is simple, easy to understand, and, crucially for you, effective. As an advertiser, you can choose from 7 major ad types:

Each ad type is explained in detail below. You can call us on or email us on if you’d like more details.

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored Articles
LKR. 35,000
Extra Visibility Add On
Extra Visibility
Show on the homepage for 7 days
LKR. 5,000
Extra reach
Includes a $15 boost on facebook
LKR. 7,000
Event Add On
Includes Instagram
LKR. 30,000
LKR. 20,000

Our content team will work with you to craft an engaging, factually verified article which clearly communicates what your brand has to offer. This high quality content is given the same care we put into our daily content and includes the Roar trade mark edge. We even help brands seed this content, to reach a wider audience.

You also have the option of purchasing add-ons, which will help increase the effectiveness of your sponsored article. Think of this as a jet pack.

Currently, we have three add-ons. The “Extra Visibility” add-on will get your article featured on the “Latest Stories” section on our homepage. The “Extra Reach” add-on will spread your article among a wider audience on social media and comes with a $15 Boost for Facebook.

And lastly, you can opt for the “Event Coverage” add-on. This is helpful if your sponsored article is about an event you’re hosting. Our team will take photos, broadcast moments on Snapchat, and share clicks from your event on Instagram.

Sponsored Articles will appear on the portal they are allocated to. For instance, a tech-related sponsored article will appear on Roar Tech.


You can also choose to promote your brand via banner ads. Banners will also be visible on Facebook Instant Articles, mobile browsers, as well as on our app, prominently in between content

You have three separate banner ad types to choose from, on each of our portals (, Life, Tech, and Sinhala sold separately):

Home Page
LKR. 50,000
Per Week
Article Top
LKR. 70,000
Per Week
Article Bottom
LKR. 60,000
Per Week


Roar English Videos
LKR. 100,000 per video
Roar Sinhala Videos
LKR. 100,000 per video

Videos are a great way to make your brand memorable. In this day and age, videos consistently garner high engagement rates and are talked about for days.

If you choose to sponsor a video, our video content team will work with your brand to craft a beautiful, engaging video with a high production value. Your brand will be featured prominently, and tastefully in the video in various ways, subject to practicality.


Newsletter ad slot
LKR. 35,000

The Roar Weekly Digest is a curated collection of the best stories of the week. The newsletter goes out every Friday evening and garners very high “read” rates because of our reputation for high quality content.

You can choose to feature your brand in the newsletter, and there is one slot available every week.

Sponsored Infographics

Sponsored Infographic
LKR. 75,000

A picture is worth a thousand words. Similarly, an infographic will help you reach out to potential customers, and raise awareness about your products and/or your brand. Our creative team will work with you to craft an attractive and informative infographic.

Custom Campaigns

Custom campaigns were conceptualised for advertisers who yearn to reshape the frontiers of modern day advertising. Our creative team will work closely with your team to develop and execute a campaign which would leverage the unique strengths of all our platforms: web, social, and app.

By opting for a Custom Campaign, your brand’s visibility will be boosted by a fresh ad experience purpose-built for the digital era, with the possibility of going viral.

To find out about pricing for custom campaigns, contact us at